Christmas is Approaching Soon – Enjoy 20% Off on All Our Services!

15 Dec 2017
Christmas is about to set its feet on your door very soon. Along with the warm wishes that you share with your friends, the most exciting part is getting gifts from your family, friends, and the relatives – yes, we all do that, right...Read More

Conversion Rate Optimization Explained!

12 Sep 2017

The world revolves around the Internet today. Everything you need is already there, you just need to Google about it. Nevertheless, for consumers, it comes as a revolution, but for the business-persons, ...Read More

App Store Optimization – The Art of Attracting More Mobile Users, and More Business

14 Aug 2017
You don't build a business, you build people, and the people build the businessZIG ZIGLAR

Mobile apps have become a consistent source of building businesses nowadays. That...Read More

Cloud Computing And Its Influence on Various Industries

20 Feb 2017

Whenever you hear a random guy talking about cloud computing in IT departments, you probably wonder what it is all about. Not many of us understand the meaning of two words “Cloud Computing” especial...Read More

The Team of RVians at Redington's Cloud Day 2016, Chandigarh

28 Jun 2016

The Redington's Cloud Day celebrated this past June, 22, 2016, at Hometel Chandigarh, 6 kms away from the Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, has been a tremendous learning opportunity for the RVians. The even...Read More

The Internet Of “Connected” Things – From Farming to Your Home and Beyond!

10 Jun 2016

With technology taking such a huge leap forward, and incorporating nearly all practical things of our world into a connected system, it could be a bit challenging to answer – How would the future look ...Read More

IOT Experience Based on Singapore Exhibition – A Memorable Trip With Our Best Performers

06 Apr 2016

With many of the big names participating in the IoT Asia 2016 exhibition, we took a leap forward off to Singapore with two of our best performers Miss Sangeet Kaur & Mr. Mehar with Read More

Things You Can't Miss About Big Data If You Are a Business Analyst

27 Nov 2015

The job market of Big data seems to catch up the pace in the recent years. According to the industry experts, “Big data will change everything in a big way”, which is easily visible in the past years...Read More

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