A Memorable Moment with One of Our Promising Clients

Amidst all the many happenings that had kept us busy this month, the most enthralling moment was to see our prestigious client Sophana Than visiting us this past week on Sept, the 21st. The moment that we waited for so long had finally arrived, and after lengthy preparations, it was all-set. Thanks to all the team members, our mobile-app development team that was present at this very auspicious time, and gave her a home-like lively atmosphere.

A business meeting that began with a warm welcome followed by a little fun visiting places, and eating delicious food with her left us with an unforgettable memory that will stay alive in the hearts of all RVians. Although the moment has passed away, we couldn’t wait to recall it. So here is a look at the business, the fun, the dinner parties and all that had kept us occupied in the past couple of weeks.

It was essentially a business meeting with our mobile app development team, and the discussions we had with her revolved around analyzing the project requirements, its future scope, and what the final product will look like. Although it was about business, for the most part, it was fun talking to her, introducing her our company, and the work atmosphere.




Aside from scheduling the business meetings with her, we helped her explore the many places that the city features. Elante Mall, Chowki Dhani were some of the many places that we had the pleasure to visit with her.

Let’s call back some of the memories with these pictures –

IMG_20170924_174733 IMG_20170924_175854 IMG_20170924_182118_Bokeh IMG_20170924_183112 IMG_20170924_190051_Bokeh IMG_20170924_191327

Inspired by the city of Chandigarh, and our mobile-app development team, she offered us a dinner party at JW Marriot. We gladly accepted, and appreciated her invitation, and gave our cordial presence being with her.

IMG_20170923_192753 IMG_20170923_200129 (1)

We thank you Sophana for visiting us, and offering us Australian snacks as a gift, and we would like to say that you have been so precious to us that we just can’t wait to see you back again in our office, RV Technologies. Thank you for being a part :)” – Mobile App Development Team

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