Which PHP Framework Will You Use for Your App Development?

Development of software applications is always a complex and a time consuming process. But thanks to those high-end PHP frameworks, that developing an agile application has now become easier and faster. That much needed app maintenance and scalability is now possible with the set of these highly functional frameworks, which complies well with all the development standards and keeps your code organized, in a way, helping your application to evolve and grow over the time.

Thus, when time constraints are a big issue and you also want a high quality app in this limited time, then it is the best to use the frameworks. These let you dedicate more of your time towards specific tasks and functionality and will result in sustainable and high quality code. So, without much ado, take a look at the list of some popular PHP frameworks. Check them out and use them to build interoperable and agile applications.

-> CodeIgniter

A powerful PHP framework, which is specially built for those who are in search of simple yet elegant toolkit and want to create fully featured web applications. Its almost zero configuration with no restrictive coding rules, makes it the best platform to start an app development with. With MVC approach, it allows for great separation between logic and presentation, particularly when you are working on template files.

-> Laravel

It is a PHP framework with expressive and elegant syntax and aims at simplifying the common tasks like authentication, routing, sessions and caching. Here, the tools available for building applications are powerful and helps in creating large robust applications. Perfectly suited to all types and sizes of projects, Laravel can be used for a range of applications and offers a base of well-tested and reliable code.

-> Symfony

For speeding up the creation and maintenance of your web applications, make use of Symfony framework. The availability of prefabricated components in it easily gets integrated into your application, helping you to work efficiently and effectively on the most complex tasks. Applications made in it are stable, upgradeable and well-maintained.

-> CakePHP

The code generation features of this framework help in building prototypes quickly, leading to faster web applications. Since there is no complex configuration, so you just need to set up your database and start with your app development. From filenames to database table names, the basic organizational structure of this framework will keep your entire app consistent and logical.

-> Yii

Another high-performance PHP framework that comes with a powerful caching support and is designed to work proficiently with AJAX. As security is the most important factor, so Yii has made all the preparations for a smooth execution. It includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection and cross-site scripting prevention for you to create a clean and reusable code. Develop a Yii powered application with ease now.

So, if you want to make your development process faster, easier and more fun, then use the different PHP frameworks and add uniqueness to your applications. Just go through the list today and make the right pick according to your project.

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