Why You Need An SEO Expert ?

So your new site is almost ready? Now what next? How to generate business from it? Well, when it’s about expanding your business globally, SEO is the best way to grow it and enjoy positive ROI. Now the next question is can it be done at your end or you need to hire an expert SEO specialist?

However, most of the people are of the idea that SEO is as easy as Internet surfing and can be done without any expert assistance, but the reality is something different. Things might look simple at the basic level, but as you advance to the higher levels, you have to hire an SEO expert to get things right.

With continuous updates from Google, it is getting complex day by day. Now, you can’t create backlinks in bulk as it will negatively affect your website’s ranking and can’t even over stuff your content with keywords, if you want to save yourself from the adverse effect of Google hammer.

Here are a few points that will make things more clear:

1) So You Think You and Your Developer Knows it All

You might be aware of basic link building techniques or your developer must be knowing onpage SEO techniques. But, sorry to say this is not enough! For sure shot results in SEO, you need a perfect balance between, onpage SEO, Off page SEO and Social media Promotions. Without an expert, it’s hard to assure that you are doing it completely.

2) SEO Isn’t For Busy Bees

Most of the business owners are too busy and SEO is a time consuming process. If you are not devoting proper time to an SEO campaign on the daily basis, you will witness delayed results and sometimes even no results, which will be a mere wastage of time. So, it would be better if you can hire a professional, who can work for you on a daily basis.

3) No Magic Wand To Get On The Top, Stay Updated

Everyone knows that there is no guarantee of SEO, but still, if it is done in the right way, the chances of getting top ranking is always 100%. It is possible only if you are really particular about Google updates and trends. If you’re trying to get top ranks without knowing the recent updates, then only some magic wand can help you.

4) Wrong SEO Ways Are Gonna Hit You Hard

As I previously mentioned, Google updates are launching almost every day and Google is too smart to catch you if you are not doing it in the right way i.e. If you are creating low quality links in bulk or over stuffing your content. No doubt, you will get ranked by all this, but only for a short period because one of the Google updates is sure to hit you. Therefore, it is better to hold the hand of an SEO professional from the beginning itself and do things the way search engines like.

5) Better Analytics is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, Hire An Expert

Only an SEO expert can get a closer look to your website’s performance, which includes the number of visitors, page rank, bounce rate, backlink and thousands of other performance metrics and will work accordingly. But if you are not an SEO expert you might not have any idea about all these terms.

6) The Right Move At the Right Time

In SEO, the only skill you need is to do the right task at the right time and this comes with experience only. At a beginner level, you may not know the benefit of a particular task and when and where to apply it for maximum benefits. So either you need to practice  hundreds of SEO projects before doing it for yourself or you must hire an SEO expert to avoid this hard work.

Hence, the choice is yours! Whether you want everything to be done in the right way or you want to struggle doing it in your own ways.

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