How, When and Why to Outsource Your Projects To India?

Outsourcing is basically a type of formal agreement between two parties in which a company transfers a portion of their work to the other company without completing it internally. It can be described as the concept of paying an offshore firm for managing the internal tasks of an organization. Today, nearly 40% of the offshore work is being outsourced to India only.

Why You Should Outsource to India?

Maximum results, minimum investment – this is the topmost reason that compels western entrepreneurs to hand over their projects to India. “India is the world leader outsourcing destination in terms of business environment and financial attractiveness,” according to a London-based global management firm.

In a recent study done by A T Kearney’s 2016 Global Services Location Index (GLSI), India has been rated as number 1 out of 55 countries that were considered as a whole. China, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile and Poland are in the top 10 list.
Offshoring to India has been a major consideration for many western businesses and the studies took a deeper dive taking the big cities in the list. While India is on the top of the list, “a big portion of outsourcing is being served by cities such as Surat, Chandigarh, Nagpur and Lucknow,” studies revealed.

The report ended up disclosing the reason behind the popularity of three tier cities, said, “relative affordability remain a big reason for western clients going for Nagpur, Chandigarh and Lucknow rather than Kolkata and New Delhi”

Easy availability of work force, lower cost and a qualified labor have attracted many of the offshore clients to hand over their projects to India, with a major part being contributed by the IT industry alone.

Figures compelled us to dig deeper and come up with three top reasons for outsourcing projects to India.

– It’s less costly

– Good quality work

– This helps businesses to reduce the burden and use their resources in the best way possible

However, a question that clients usually face is – Should I really consider outsourcing?

Let’s try and answer it – Working with web designers and developers that belong to outsider countries could be a bit of a hassle. They aren’t in your time zone and so you may face certain problems connecting to them, sharing your problems and getting solutions to them. Mostly, clients belonging to the United States and Europe can have a tough time. You certainly can’t expect a meeting face to face.

If you aren’t very comfortable communicating to them via Skype, Gtalk, Phone or email, you will not be able to see how your work is getting done and in that case, outsourcing is not the right option for you. You have to be comfortable talking to your designer at least once or twice a week.

Also, if you aren’t very clear about your requirements, a clean wire-frame and instructions, chances are that designers might face certain issues finishing your project on time – which is a certainly a big loss of your time and money.

How to Find the Right Contractors?

There are thousands of web design and development companies in India so how will you find out they are the right contractors for your job? Well… here are a few things that you can notice.

1. Portfolio – Have a look at their portfolio and see if you like their previous work.

2. Reviews – Read views or watch videos on their website to know what their previous clients say about them.

3. What technologies/softwares they are proficient in? Are you comfortable with their knowledge base?

4. Do they communicate well? This is crucial because, if they don’t communicate well, this could be a big issue as you won’t be able to define your requirements without listening back in response. Ask them how they communicate – via Skype, Gtalk or Phone call?

5. What process they follow when working on a project?

6. Make sure they respond promptly to your emails. This is imperative for you to address all your issues and get them resolved timely.

7. How often they will report you back in a month? Although, most companies report back on a weekly basis.

8. Google them. Look for their backgrounds, certifications and any other thing you have in mind.

How Important is the Budget?


Though, you might feel good to go with what seems lower in price. However, this isn’t really what you should do at all. There are many horror stories available over the internet that speak about how many of the clients hired contractors at low price and received ugly designs that aren’t worthwhile.

For sure, it doesn’t matter what price you hire your contractors at – they are far inexpensive than what you would pay to an American contractor. So better don’t pay attention to the price instead look for the above mentioned aspects to get the best use of outsourcing your services to India.


It’s really a good way to minimize the expense by outsourcing your projects. But, make sure your contractors are having an elegant portfolio and can report you back about whatever they have done in the past week. We highly recommend you to consider all the above mentioned points and make your decisions accordingly.

In case, you have made up your mind to outsource your project – contact the reliable IT experts and share your thoughts with us. We would be happy to help you.

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